Our History

The story of Simon & Tom began in 2005 when the two founders developed their first product, Fungusless, the now internationally recognized nail solution that combines the benefits of Argan oil and many other natural extracts and botanical oils.

From its success, Simon & Tom decided to develop an entire range of cosmetics based on botanical oils. The most amazing property of these natural oils is their affinity with our skin, hair and nails due to an extraordinary compatibility between the precious fatty acids and antioxidants present in the oils.

Thanks to their expertise in selecting and combining botanical oils, Simon & Tom offer you effective cosmetics in symbiosis with your skin, hair and nails.

Natural extracts


All our products are formulated with natural extracts and botanical oils. One oil that is present in nearly all our products is Argan oil, well known for its numerous benefits. We produce the Argan oil ourselves to ensure quality and control.



Simon & Toms’ unique formulas combine a selection of the finest botanical oils and extracts known for their extraordinary benefits that will give visible results.



At Simon & Tom, we believe that every skin type, and not only the sensitive ones, deserves gentle formulas. That’s why we develop cosmetics with natural extracts and without aggressive synthetic ingredients such as parabens.

Argan Oil:

A multi beneficial precious oil


A precious oil with numerous benefits, argan oil is pressed from the fruits of the “tree of life” which grows in the south west of Morocco.

A key ingredient of many of our products, we produce our own Moroccan argan oil in order to ensure the finest and highest quality.

It is naturally rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil is the ally of every skin and hair types.

  • Deeply nourishes and repairs the skin, hair and nails.
  • Fights against skin aging by stimulating cells renewal and protecting the skin against free radicals.
  • Soothing anti-inflammatory properties.
Organic Argan Oil