Pure Hydra Triple Correction Eye Serum

Regenerating, Firming and Rejuvenating Night Treatment

A combination of light reflecting pearls and anti-aging ingredients, this complete eye treatment instantly rejuvenates and brightens the delicate skin around your eyes.

A blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Lavender works to visibly reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity for plumper looking skin.

Extracts of Algae work in combination with a customized roll-on applicator to help reduce puffiness and dark circles for fresher, brighter eyes.





The roll-on aplicator de-puff the eyes

Brighteness eye contour

Visibly reduces wrinkels

Firms skin

Improves skins elasticity

Helps refresh tired eyes

Hydrates and mosturizes the eye area

How to use:

  1. With a clean face, gently roll under the eye twice starting from the inner corner to outer one.
  2. Then with the ring finger gently pat until completely absorbed.
  3. Apply once in the morning, and once at night time.
Vitamin C

Vitamin C
Boosts Collagen Production