World’s best solution for clear and healthy looking nails


With its improved formula, composed of the best antifungal natural oils and extracts, FungusLess is the natural solution for nail fungal infections.

The experts at Simon & Tom researched both traditional and herbal medicine to develop this effective and safe antifungal nail ointment. It combines the extraordinary health attributes of Argan oil combined with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural oils such as tea tree, rosemary and clove.

For more than 10 years, this effective unique ointment has been eliminating nail infections and helping the growth of healthy nails.

The results

  • The nail’s appearance improves in 2 to 4 weeks
  • Repairs and strengthens nails
  • New nail will grow in healthy and clear
  • Helps to prevent the infection reappearing or spreading to other nails




How to use

  • Wash and dry the nail then file.
  • Using the dropper, place a couple of drops of the solution in the center of the nail and use the brush  to spread the liquid over the nail. Allow the liquid to dry.
  • To avoid the spread of the infection, don’t use the same nail file on healthy nails.
  • Apply 3 times a day.

A care rich in botanical extracts


Argan oil
Nourishing and Repairing


Tea Tree Oil
Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory


Clove Oil
Antibacterial and Antifungal