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home pedicure kit simon and tom

Home Pedicure Kit

Instantly Removes Hard, Dry, Rough Skin on Heels and Soles


Your own salon quality pedicure in the comfort of home.
Home Pedicure kit includes a callus removing gel and scrapper to effectively and gently remove dry and rough skin. The formulas argan oil and aloe vera gel soften skin for calluses and rough services to be removed.

  • Hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Softens and smoothens rough skin for calluses to be scraped off

  • Provides deep nourishment for long term healthy feet


New dual foot file. One file side removes calluses while the other side buffs, smoothes and softens skin.

home pedicure kit producto simon and tom

Never underestimate the power of healthy beautiful feet.
A good pedicure removes dirt and bacteria leaving you with soft sensual sandal ready feet.


First soak feet in warm water to soften calluses.
Using plastic gloves, apply Callus Removing Gel to areas with a build-up of hard or rough skin. Gently massage the gel into skin and wait for one minute.
Using the scraper, remove the hard skin. Wash and dry feet thoroughly to remove all traces of gel. Buff the heels and soles of feet with the foot file.
Pair with our Foot Cream for a complete pedicure experience at home.


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