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Repairing & Anti-Bacterial Foot Cream

Moisturises and relieves tired feet and Soothes dry, and Cracked Feet.


Say good bye to dry and cracked feet.
Restores and softens the most affected areas of the feet such as the heels, sole and arches. Simon & Tom Foot Cream Moisturizes, protects and nourishes dry skin, relieving itchiness and cracked heels. The antibacterial tea tree oil treats skin conditions such as athletes foot.

  • Nourishes and repairs skin
  • Softens and smoothens calluses
  • Protects from bacteria
  • Refreshes the feet and prevents odors


Thick nourishing cream with aromic mint fragrance to keep feet fresh and odor free.

foot cream producto simon and tom

How important is foot cream? Unlike the rest of the skin our feet do not have oil glands to help keep them moisturized. This leads to dry, cracked and irritated feet. In addition, our feet are locked into dark shoes susceptible to fungi and other bacterial conditions.


“Get a deep treatment by slathering your feet before bed, putting socks over and letting the cream work overnight
The best time to apply a foot cream is immediately after showering, as your feet will be more absorbent of the minerals and nutrients.”


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