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silky argan cleansing oil simon and tom

Silky Argan Cleansing Oil

Essential item for Korean women to remove makeup and cleanse the face!


Revolutionize your cleansing routine and toss out those cotton pads.
Simply massage onto dry skin and it instantly melts away impurities and makeup (even waterproof) to reveal incredibly clean and clear skin.

  • Removes all makeup even waterproof lipstick and mascara

  • Clears pores from impurities and environmental damages

  • Moistures and softens the skin

  • No dry or tight effect after rinsing

  • No greasy residues


Cleansing oil is the softest way to remove all makeup, including waterproof mascara or lipstick, without striping moisture out of the skin or irritate it with harsh cotton pads. So yes, it’s suitable for all skin types! From dry to oily.

silky argan cleansing oil producto simon and tom

Did you know? Most cleansers strip your skin f its natural oils causing your skin to produce over produce and correct the imbalance. Oil cleansers bind to the surface impurities and allow them to be rinsed away.


Inspired by Korean beauty routine, the cleansing oil is an essential for all Korean women to remove their makeup without striping away natural skin’s hydration or irritate it.
Follow with our Oxygen Cleansing Foam for a double cleansing inspired routine.


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